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The Golden Lighthouse Metaphysical Center

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The Tarot is like a map. It will show you the topography, the hills, the rivers, the freeways and the towns you must go through to get from point A to point B.  What vehicle you use and what roads you choose to get to your destination is you free will and choice.  The Tarot will give you insight on what maybe your best choices under the circumstances.

With 30 yrs experience in tarot reading and spiritual consulting I will help you understand the terrain you are going through; some areas you can avoid, some like a mountain range or river you simply have to cross and in that case which route would be the easiest and safest. Like using a map it is still up to you to choose which roads to take to get to your destination and like any trip if you prepare for it, it will go more smoothly. Think of the Tarot as your guide and it will serve you well.  

Keep in mind we are spirit in human bodies and we live in both realms so with my many years of experience in business, medical profession, and life coaching I can give you the practical information and guidance you need to get to your destination, with the least effort and easiest roads as mapped by the tarot. 

Individual readings are available in person in Herndon, VA , over the internet or by phone.  

Phone and internet readings are paid in advance through PayPal or credit card.

 30 Min. $50 
 45 Min. $65
 60 Min.  $80 
(phone, internet or in person)
Additional Time: $1.00 a minute.  
​In personal session are a minimum of 45 min.  

PayPal and credit cards accepted  
We are also available for groups and parties in Northern VA and the DC area.

Please be advised: 
​In good conscious I advise you to never substitute  any advice be it from a psychic or tarot advisor, friends, the internet or any other source of information for the advice of a licensed professional who you have vetted and found to worthy of your trust and your finances. It is my opinion that the tarot will connect you to the energy that is surrounding you and help you get clarity so you can then make informed decisions as well as help you get in contact with your own higher self which knows what is best for you.  
Length of Consultation
We all know how hard it is to read for ourselves as we are not always objective. Using the reading cloth, which combines the wisdom of astrology with that of your favorite oracle or Tarot deck you won’t have to second guess or question what area of your life the cards are referencing. This beautiful 28x28 is just $50.00 plus shipping.
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